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Count on our customized models for businesses, governments, public services with built-in safety, cost-efficiency, and reliability

Count on our customized models for businesses, governments, public services with built-in safety, cost-efficiency, and reliability

At AutoGyro, we are keen to spread unlimited flying joy and to mobilize people unconventionally. Beyond our passion of recreation flying, AutoGyro strives to facilitate aviation business and services with safe, cost-effective and reliable aircraft platforms.  

AutoGyro Gyroplanes are the direct answers to how to reduce your cost and carbon footprint. Gyroplanes perform superbly in windy and turbulent conditions, meaning our aircrafts are the perfect platform for your missions in difficult weather conditions. With a fuel burn down to less than 20ltrs/hr, and a noise footprint of less than 65dB – and the huge speed range, operational range and ultra-safe characteristics, these aircrafts are a green dream! The wide applications range of gyroplanes and their variants enables AutoGyro gyroplanes to assist public services agencies and to uplift special businesses in various industrial sectors. 

Moreover, these German engineered vehicles offer a fuel-effective and low-emission alternative to other aircraft designs, resulting in an immense reduction of costs and carbon footprints - whilst meeting stringent German noise regulations.  


Cavalon Sentinel - Our camera platform

The Cavalon – or MTOsport 2017 – Sentinel is equipped with the UKRSPECSYSTEMS infrared camera is the perfect solution for fulfilling missions such as search and rescue, surveillance, and inspection.

It can track cars and read license plates from 500 foot above ground level, and effectively detect the heat signatures of the people and vehicles on the ground.

The camera is a 2-axis stabilized unit with 360 degrees continuous rotation capability, with digital auto video stabilization and target tracking. Its optical zoom capability ranges from zero to 30 times, and its infrared can provide four times zoom.

Equipped with the Rotax 915iS engine, the Cavalon Sentinel is now giving all the power needed to fulfill your task requirements.


Main application areas:

  • Ground vehicle tracking and recognition 
  • Search and Rescue 
  • Fire spotting and tracking 
  • General surveillance (as used by Tomball, Petaluma, Modesto USA Police forces) 
  • Border patrols 
  • Overhead line monitoring
  • Close protection (as used by the Saudi Royal Guard) 

Our platforms for Law Enforcement

Our law enforcement models provide aerial support by day and by night. All our models are available as Night VFR certified in accordance with to BCAR Section T and FAA Primary Category. 

The Cavalon 915iS is the ideal platform to carry camera equipment and provide aerial support and overview for the officers on the ground. 

With plentiful energy available from auxiliary ditional alternators, Police radio equipment can easily be powered for excellent communications, and still have power for cameras, live stream downlinks, and other on-boards systems. 

Your eye in the sky for a small dime. 

Aerial surveillance
Traffic monitoring
TV & Broadcast

MTOnautic - Our floating platform

The MTOsport 2017 equipped with floats can land and take off directly from water, which powers special forces to become independent on ground landing. With a fuel capacity of 96 liters, it can achieve a maximum endurance of 4 hours. No matter if it's in New Zealand or the United Arabic Emirates, our floating platform gives the best opportunity to complete maritime missions such as patrol, rescue, and surveillance.

Floats are available as full amphibious or convertible between floats and wheels.


Main application areas:

  • unique tourist experience
  • Aerial surveillance
  • Maritime monitoring and rescue
  • Coastal patrol

MTOagric and MTOterminator - Our agricultural platform

Proven technology is the basis for the MTOagric. The integration of off-the-shelf solutions together with the proven MTOsport 2017 aircraft assures a smooth and reliable working system.

The excellent AGNAV system takes care of the dosing in flight and precisely adjusts the spraying to your speed and position. Quantities from 1 to 40 liters per hectare can be sprayed with the MTOagric.

With 200 liters pesticide capacity and 45 liters of fuel, the MTOagric is ready for all your pest control missions.

This aircraft is perfect for precision spraying, minimizing pesticide waste, overspray and pollution. Ideally the area is pre-flown with suitable equipment to determine the areas requiring the treatment, which is logged into the Agnav. Then those areas – and only those areas - are treated automatically by the Agnav.


Main application areas:

  • crop spraying on the highly precisely defined area
  • Precise pesticide dosing based on the GPS system intelligent link to the spray control 
  • Hardened version for use in Locust control, utilizing special equipment for flight within locust swarms

Cavalon Surveying - Our measurement platform

The stability and ease of flight of our aircraft make them ideal platforms for Lidar and similar scanning. The extremely smooth flight characteristics enable excellent scanning results.

Proven applications with proven technology!

  • 10" Operator Touch-Screen
  • Integrated Sensor Management (IGIvisu)
  • Integrated GNSS/IMU System (AEROcontrol)
  • Integrated Mission Planning & Flight Guidance Solution (CCNS-5 with IGIplan)
  • FMC Forward Motion Compensation
  • Channels: RGB, NIR
  • Pixel Size: 4.6µm
  • Image Frame Rate: 0.6s
  • Lenses: 40 - 240mm
  • High Dynamic Range >84db
  • AEROcontrol Precise Levelling for stabilized mount
  • Sensor Accuracy: Up to 1cm
  • Operation Altitude AGL: Up to 4700m
  • Pulse Repetition Rate: Up to 1 MHz
  • Full Waveform Processing
  • Multiple Time Around Processing
  • LMtrack - Online LiDAR Coverage
  • Up to 100MP for Nadir & Oblique camera modules (1x nadir, 4x oblique)
  • FMC Forward Motion Compensation
  • Pixel Size: 4.6µm
  • Image Frame Rate: 0.6s
  • Lenses: 40 - 240mm
  • High Dynamic Range >84db

Main application areas:

  • Geodesy
  • Aerial mapping
  • Lidar scanning
  • High-resolution photography

MTOtrigo - Our flexible platform

The MTO platform aircraft has multiple uses, whether carrying a single passenger for training or simply fun, or two passengers, or stretchers, or agricultural equipment, or, or the list seems almost endless! 

The MTOtrigo permits taking operation with two passengers at the same time, giving you the freedom you need for your special operations. Easy to fly, easy to service with very little infrastructure requirements. Perfect for dropping parachutists – or stores - or small team incursions, or simply scenic tours! 

The MTOtrigo can operate from almost any flat surface. Give your teams the flexibility they need to accomplish their special operations. The enhanced model is now equipped with the Rotax 915iS for better performance and even more flexibility in your mission setup. 

The MTOtrigo can be equipped with a stretcher and used for medical evacuation or transportation. 

Main application areas:

  • unique touristic experience in special areas such as in grand canyons
  • Medical evacuation or transportation
  • Parachuting
  • Stores carrying and dropping
  • Fast low level re-supply